The New Old


Los Angeles, CA | Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Apartment | Rooftop

11:58 P.M.

Friday, June 10th

I turned around and saw Sierra making out with a guy who looked a lot like Mark Low, who happened to be an A-Lister and in some of my theater classes. “One Dance” by Drake blared from huge speaker.

“Ok, then. Anybody seen Harry?” Darren asked Jasmine, Austin, Tyler, and I as we stood in a circle.

“No, but if you guys see a girl with wavy brown hair, brown eyes, and her names Marina, let me know. I met her today, she’s an transfer student and she’s a sophomore in the fall too.” I said.

“No, I haven’t seen her yet but make sure I get her number.” Harry said as he sneaked up on us and hugged my waist from behind.

I quickly pulled away and saw Darren and Tyler staring at me. Sierra pulled away from Mark and walked over to us.

“Hey Harry, Mark and I want to go somewhere else, bring that chippy blonde and lets go.” Sierra told to Harry.

They had a weird friendship. They were practically each other’s wingmen. They both were the heart breakers and party addicts of the grade. Somehow they understood each other in levels that nobody else did but it was fine because they didn’t show any problems. Harry nodded and he took off with the blonde, Amy, Sierra, and Mark.

“I don’t understand them.” Austin said staring at the door, which they left by.

“Nobody does.” Jasmine said smiling as she looked around at the rooftop full of A-Listers, “you didn’t happen to invite Lily did you? I haven’t seen her since we broke up.”

“No don’t worry.” I reassured Jasmine quickly.

Austin and Tyler went over to the drinks table for some more beers as Darren and Jasmine talked to a redhead A-Lister, Samantha Galen, who was in some of my architecture seminars. I looked around the room and saw Michael dancing with some of his guy friends.

“Hey Claire.” He said smiling to me as I smiled back.

I grabbed him by the wrist and led him to Sierra, Jasmine, and I’s apartment. He had a puzzled look on his face, but I leaned in and starting making out with him, before he pulled away.

“Claire. Sorry, no. Um, we — this isn’t going to work. We are good friends I don’t want to mess that up.” He said giving me a pity look.

“No of course. Somehow the only things in the world I want I can’t have. Because they don’t want me!” I said as I stormed out of my apartment crying. I ran down the hallway and turned to the left. I collapsed on the corner and sighed.

I was never good enough. Not even a guy who was my friend and found me hot and cute. Not even for a one-night stand. Not even Cam wanted me so he had to cheat on me with my best friend. Tyler didn’t want me because he knew I was bad news after wrecking myself cause of Cam.

“Claire?” A soft voice asked as I looked up, mascara tearstains on my cheeks.

“Hey Marina. Glad you could make it.” I sniffling as she sat down next to me.

“I couldn’t find the rooftop and got lost. What happened?” Marina asked as I laid my head on her shoulder.

“Nothing, just someone else who doesn’t want me.” I said as I felt more hot tears ran down my cheek.

 “Life can seriously suck sometimes. You just have to embrace the bad parts, so that when it is good, you can count those blessings. I would know, life never was good to me. But you shouldn’t be sad tonight.” Marina said as she hugged me.

She helped me up and I smiled. I had made a new friend tonight. She stood up and grabbed my hand as she lifted me up, and we walked back to my apartment to wash my cheeks. We went to the roof and I put on my best fake smile.

“Hey guys, this is Marina.” I said to my friends as “No Broken Hearts” played in the back.

No broken hearts in the club, more drinks pour it up

Cause we gon get it poppin’ tonight

We only got one life, so let’s go hard till the day we die

-No Broken Hearts (Bebe Rexha)

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Los Angles, CA | UCLA

Dykstra Hall | Claire & Sierra’s Dorm

1:02 P.M.

Friday, June 10th


A pair of blue eyes wandered around the room. I couldn’t believe the end of freshman year was next Thursday. I jumped onto my bed, the white expensive duvet burying itself in my face. My blue eyes looked around the room again as I sat crossing my legs, on my bed. My Tumblr tapestry was beautiful, and the best places to take selfies with a cute background.I had my faux fur blanket thrown across my bed with my Macbook Air under it. I looked at my night table which on it was my phone charger, dorm room key card, UCLA student identity card, my Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet, and my Range Rover keys.

I looked over at my desk with all my makeup in the left drawers and my school stuff in the right. I looked over at my closet which looked on the verge of exploding. Sierra and I even had to buy a new closet dresser for each because all of our clothes we took to college didn’t fit in our closets. The rest was at our Beverly Hills apartment that we stayed at for the summer and breaks when we weren’t traveling, along with my other best friend Jasmine who had a single dorm next door. All this would be packed or gone by next Thursday.

I looked over at Sierra’s side. It looked exactly the same as mine except for the Tumblr Tapestry because instead of purple hers was a reddish orange. I pulled my hair into a messy bun that went along perfectly with my new boyfriend jeans, and pink crop top. I grabbed my student ID/room key (Bruin Card), phone, wallet, car keys, and sunglasses and dumped them into my Kate Spade tote. Before heading out of the door, I took a tall stack of pastel blue papers which contained the info to Jasmine, Sierra, and I’s”End of the Year Rooftop Party” which only A-listers would attend. I put the papers in my purse and after I opened the door I saw that the hallway was packed with nervous transfer students.

“Hey Micheal,” I said to the cute freshman boy who was in my social circle.

“Hey, Claire. I’m giving the student-led tour to the new transfer students starting next fall.” Micheal said looking at the crowd of about, 15 people.

“I was meaning to run into you. Jazz, S, and I are hosting an end of the year party,” I said as I handed him a flyer, “and you’re invited.”

“Great, I’ll be there. Where are you headed right now.” Micheal asks as he grins at the flyer.

“Lunch in the village with Jasmine, and Sierra,” I said referring to the village in UCLA for the college students.

“Cool. Hey, there’s this cool chick, Marina, who’s transferring for her sophomore year in the fall, and I think you guys would be good friends.” Micheal said pointing discreetly to a pretty brown haired girl behind him.

“Hi, I’m Claire. I’m having a party tonight, why won’t you swing by?” I said to her giving her the flyer as well after Micheal moved alongside me.

“Hi, I’m Marina and thanks! I’ll definitely try and come.” The beautiful brunette gushed as she took a flyer.

“Good. Well, I have to go, so see you both tonight.” I said as I walked down the hallway as if it were a catwalk, and all the new transfers nervously moved aside so I wouldn’t step on their last season or crappy fake shoes.

Another new year to reign. I don’t think Massie Block ever thought her sweet omega would turn alpha.

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